• “Wherever the trio appears, there prevails widespread enthusiasm owed greatly to their authenticity, professionalism and utter joy of performing.” (Dorothea Gängel, Swiss Journalist)

  • Behind this formation are three musicians who met on their journey through the world of jazz. The Belgian-based American vocalist Shaunette Hildabrand has sung in various formations throughout her musical career. Now she has found two musical companions with whom the interaction harmonized from the onset, each musician contributing his or her individual strengths and skills to this cohesive threesome. The Cologne guitarist Rolf Marx dazzles with musical and technical versatility. Besides being an outstanding rhythm guitarist, he is a brilliant soloist. 

  • Also hailing from Cologne is the internationally successful bassist Henning Gailing, who is every bit as convincing with top-class solos and a down-to-earth groove. Then there is voice of Shaunette Hildabrand, clear, beguiling, with a tremendous depth of sound and a distinctive, personal touch, her superb phrasing never giving rise to singing in the foreground. The trio knows no hierarchy, only mutual respect, each  idea and musical expression equally welcome when conveying their collective personal message. The result is symphonius listening pleasure at the highest stylistic level, melodious, rousing, sometimes gentle, always delightful.

  • Shaunette Hildabrand

    Shaunette Hildabrand

  • Rolf Marx

    Rolf Marx

  • Henning Gailing

    Henning Gailing

Echoes of Swing Orchestra

Colin Dawson, tpt
Chris Hopkins, as
Frank Roberscheuten, ts, cl
Dirk Van der Linden/Rolf Marx, g
Bernd Lhotzky, p
Karel Algoed/Henning Gailing, b
Shaunette Hildabrand, v

This octet is dedicated entirely to the swing of the 30s and 40s, the period in which the jazz enjoyed unrivaled popularity and conquered the ballrooms and large concert halls of the metropolises. With intelligent arrangements, virtuoso solos and original compositions, the tradition, begun by the masters of yesteryear, is continued in a contemporary way. Stylistic laws are respected, and deep regard for their role models goes hand in hand with playfulness and the joy of improvisation. The “Echoes Of Swing Orchestra” has developed its own homogenous chamber music sound in recent years, and wherever possible, the band refrains from any amplification.

Frank Roberscheuten Hiptett

Frank Roberscheuten, ts,as,cl
Olaf Polziehn, Rossano Sportiello, Bernd Lhotzky, p
Ingmar Heller, Henning Gailing, b
Frits Landesbergen, Oliver Mewes, Michael Keul, d
Shaunette Hildabrand, v

While the concept behind the Frank Roberscheuten Hiptett is to play jazz standards and original compositions with knowledge and respect for the pioneers of the genre, they pull out all the stops in regard to their approach, transforming each vintage tune into a “hip” masterpiece.